Jennifer Lawrence's Candid Night: Uneven Breasts, Wardrobe Malfunctions and Shots (Video)

Jennifer Lawrence Jimmy Kimmel Live - H 2013

Jennifer Lawrence Jimmy Kimmel Live - H 2013

One of the staple sections of gossip magazines is the "Stars: They're Just Like Us!" spread, which features paparazzi photos of celebrities doing mundane errands or caught in awkward situations. Jennifer Lawrence is cutting out the middleman, bringing tales of discomfort directly to the adoring nation.

The 22-year-old star of Silver Linings Playbook already has taken home several major awards this season, including a Golden Globe and SAG Award. At the latter event, her dress seemed to get caught and perhaps rip while she was walking to the stage to collect her prize, something she addressed in an interview with Piers Morgan on Thursday (after she arrived late to the interview).

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"My pants fell off! Somebody trips me on the way, I remember that," she said, narrating the video of the incident in between horrified (and amused) yelps. Even more embarrassing for her, perhaps, was the praise Morgan rained down upon her; she seemed less than comfortable being called sexy. Perhaps it's because of what she said during her interview with Jimmy Kimmel just before?

"I just went to the doctor today, I got a chest X-ray of my lungs and discovered that my breasts are uneven," she revealed at the beginning of her interview (following two shots of tequila and a beer). "I was like standing there with these doctors and they're like looking at my lungs and I just couldn't -- it felt like an elephant in the room -- and I was like, 'Are my breasts uneven?' And they were just kind of, like, stifled and uncomfortable, obviously. "

Obviously. So her solution?

"So I kept thinking, 'Well, I'm gonna dig myself out of this hole by bringing it up again.'"