Jennifer Lopez and Jimmy Fallon Guess Mystery Objects in "Can You Feel It?" Game

Lopez's 'Second Act' co-star Milo Ventimiglia also joined the game for its final round on Tuesday's episode of 'The Tonight Show.'
Andrew Lipovsky/NBC
From left: Jennifer Lopez, Milo Ventimiglia and Jimmy Fallon

Jennifer Lopez joined Jimmy Fallon in a game of "Can You Feel It?" on Tuesday's episode of NBC's The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

The host explained that a number of mystery objects would be brought out on stage. Each player would have 30 seconds to guess what the object is based on touch.

Fallon went first. "Please don't be a live thing or living thing," he said before the object was revealed to the audience as a bagel with cream cheese and lox.

After stating how gross the object felt, Fallon correctly guessed what the object was.

Lopez was then given 30 seconds to guess her mystery object, which was a tiny snowman made with real snow. "Ew, no way man!" Fallon said in an attempt to trick Lopez into thinking she was about to touch something disgusting. The snowman had twig arms and wore a large hat and a festive scarf.

The singer-actress first pulled out a twig and then accidentally knocked over its hat. "What is that? What is this? Is that a branch?" she asked. "Is that an ice pick? Is that an ice sculpture?" While Lopez's guesses were close, she was unable to identify the correct object before the timer went off.

When Fallon's next object was revealed, Lopez backed away. The object in question was a fake tarantula that could move. "I'm gonna freak out right now. Don't do this to me, guys," Fallon shouted before he tried to touch the object. He ran away from the box when the mystery item moved and continued to freak out every time he felt a motion.

"I hate it. 30 seconds. Time," he shouted, even though he actually had 12 seconds on the clock.

For Lopez's next round, she had to identity a toaster with sponges sticking out of it. Fallon told Lopez to touch the object, though his encouragement made her nervous.

She first guessed that the object was a plant, but then guessed that the object was a sponge. The buzzer timed out before she could identify the second part of the object.

Fallon recruited Lopez's Second Act co-star Milo Ventimiglia for the final round. The three players put their hands in a bowl of guacamole at the same time. Lopez and Fallon squealed when they touched the object, while Ventimiglia felt around the bowl of guacamole to get a feel for the object.

Lopez quickly guessed the correct answer, and Ventimilgia added that the guacamole was accompanied by a garnish.

Watch the full game, below.