Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Speak Candidly About Failed Marriage in New Reality Show

Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Univision made some enemies Jan. 14 when it lured press to a crack-of-dawn breakfast presentation with the promise of a Q&A with "Q'Viva!" producers Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are going to let cameras capture their candid conversations about their marriage falling apart during the first episode of their new show, ¡Q'Viva The Chosen! airing on Jan. 28 on Univision and later on an English-language version of the program on Fox.

During a preview of the first episode at the Soho House in West Hollywood, Lopez, Anthony and show director Jamie King are seen traveling to countries such as Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and Puerto Rico in search of talent for their new reality show. In some of the segments, the former power couple openly discuss their relationship.

Anthony says that they're "going to be in each other's lives" for a long time. The conversations between Anthony and Lopez are seen as they travel to their destinations in Latin America.

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Lopez and Anthony, who began traveling last year to find talent, also showed up the Television Critics Association press tour on Jan. 14 as part of Univision's upfront session which included discussion about the show and what it took to create a "new genre" in English, Spanish and Portuguese. There will be four versions of the show and it will be sub-titled for each viewing audience.

Lopez, Anthony, XIX Entertainment's Simon Fuller (creator of American Idol), and show director Jamie King are executive producers of "Q'Viva" featuring Latin music, artistry and dance from the U.S. and Latin America. Dutch reality TV show producer Endemol (Big Brother/Fear Factor) is a production partner with XIX Entertainment and will globally distribute Q'Viva across all platforms globally.

At the end of the show in April, a live spectacle with those featured on the the program will begin touring.

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In an interview with Billboard to promote Q'Viva, King said that this is one of the biggest projects he has ever worked on in a career as a choreographer and show director for some of music's biggest names including Madonna, Rihanna and Britney Spears.

King conceded that the Lopez-Anthony split never took away from the production of the show which also features King traveling in search of talent for the program that will end with a 90-minute talent show that he will direct.

"Jennifer and Marc are respectful to each other," King says. "Although they are not together anymore, they still share this love ... and it still bonds them and they still love the show so much to continue even though they're separated and to me that's such a great and beautiful story."

Q'Viva will air in 21 countries and it will launch across major TV networks in North, Central and South America. Anthony announced on Jan. 14 that the show will air here in the U.S. on Fox. Other deals include Televisa in Mexico and Caracol TV in Colombia. Televisa is the biggest media company in the Spanish-speaking world.

Filming started in July and the show's stars also visited Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Venezuela, Uruguay, and the U.S.