Jennifer Lopez on New TV Character: "I Wear More Makeup to Bed"

The multihyphenate has words for those who think the cop she's playing is too glamorous.
Peter Kramer/NBC
'Shades of Blue'

Jennifer Lopez, like so many actresses, is forced to endure frequent questions about her appearance — in regards to both her real life and the roles she plays. At least she's able to be a good sport about it.

The actress, singer and American Idol judge spoke with TV critics on Wednesday morning to promote her latest credit, NBC drama Shades of Blue, and the conversation ultimately turned to the fact that the crooked-esque cop she's playing wears eyeliner.

"I wear more makeup to bed," she said. "Girls in New York, police officers, wear eyeliner. It happens. It's OK."

Lopez was also game to talk about how she physically prepared for the role — admitting that, again, she's probably more put-together than her latest alter ego. "I didn't feel like I had to be more buff," she said of the stunt-heavy work, when another reporter deemed it pertinent to question her current exercise habits. "I think it had to be a little more real-life. People get to the gym, but not as much as people like me."

It was lines like these that helped Lopez easily ingratiate herself with the crowd at the Television Critics Association press tour. She got her biggest laugh when asked about her busy schedule, which now includes a scripted drama, a live reality show and an impending three-year Las Vegas concert residency.

"We open in a few days," she said, pretending to get out of her seat. "I gotta go."