Jennifer Lopez Sings "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town," Wears Iconic Green Dress as 'SNL' Host

Jennifer Lopez hosted the latest installment of NBC's Saturday Night Live, declaring in her monologue that she has had an incredible year. "Christmas makes you look back on all the things you're thankful for," said the singer-actress, acknowledging that Thanksgiving just passed and Christmas isn't quite here yet.

After touting her engagement to Alex Rodriguez, the release of the film Hustlers, her Met Gala appearances, walking the runway in Milan and turning 50, she ended the monologue with a rendition of "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" featuring both the Rockettes and Lopez’s iconic green Versace dress.

During the show, Lopez appeared in an HGTV parody as the winner of a home makeover in which the joke was that her husband was significantly less attractive than her, unemployed and into The Smurfs. Kenan Thompson played the host, while Bowen Yang played a designer who tried to remodel the husband.

In a digital short called The Roadie, Lopez played herself and Pete Davidson played a roadie named Chad with whom she thought she was having a meet-cute, but Chad didn’t care or know what she was talking about. Chad is one of Davidson’s recurring characters, and previous Chad sketches include a Scream parody. Rodriguez also made a cameo in the short.

Lopez, Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant co-starred as sisters in a classic black-and-white film parody called "What Do You Figure Is Going On in That House?" in which Lopez played the hated sister whom the others kept in the attic. McKinnon and Bryant were competing for the love of a corporal and kept trying to sabotage each other. They were threatened by Lopez, who kept inadvertently doing seductive things.

McKinnon reprised her impression of Nancy Pelosi during the "Weekend Update" segment to comment on impeachment proceedings. She said that she does indeed pray for President Donald Trump and then led a prayer. "Lord, please help Donald Trump," she said. "If he has to be president, please make him a little better at any of it. And please take him. Not to heaven or anything, just somewhere else for a little while. Mama needs a break."

A Christmas sketch featured Lopez as the member of a late-1990s/early-2000s hip-hop caroling group. Lopez sang in the sketch, which also had a cameo from the evening’s musical guest, DaBaby.

Lopez and Melissa Villaseñor did a commercial parody for a jewelry store selling hoop earrings. "Are these hoops made of real gold? Sure, why not?" Lopez's character asserted. "Do you look like garbage a little bit and wish you didn’t? Go get some hoops!"

Kyle Mooney appeared in a commercial parody for PottyPM, a tube that allows users to pee from bed in the middle of the night. Lopez also appeared in the commercial to ask how it works for women.

At another point in the show, Lopez, McKinnon and Cecily Strong played a group of women at a Wisconsin hardware company.

A sketch about trainers auditioning to be new bootcamp trainers featured Yang as a trainer hopeful. "My name is Amber, like the alert," he said. Lopez played a trainer named Patron who declared, "I'm here to get your hatch snatched." She then asked, "Are you a Ford or are you a Ferrari?" A trainer played by Strong said, "I want your blood, sweat, tears and little toots." Beck Bennett played a trainer named Beef cheating on his girlfriend.