'Jericho' Producer on Revival Talks: 'We'd Be Ecstatic'

Jericho Group Shot - H 2012

Jericho Group Shot - H 2012

Will Jericho live to see another day?

Reports have surfaced that the hourlong drama that starred Skeet Ulrich and ran on CBS from 2006-08 might be revisited on Netflix.

When The Hollywood Reporter recently asked Common Law executive producer Karim Zreik -- who worked on Jericho as a co-EP when it was on the air -- about the prospects, he was all for it.

"We'd be ecstatic if that happened," he says. "From what I hear, sides are talking. I wish I knew more. As you know, the fan base of that show were incredible, and they've all started reaching out since this report came out. It's exciting, and I know the cast is excited too."

Jericho, which centered on the residents of a fictional Kansas town in the aftermath of nuclear attacks on 23 major cities in the contiguous United States, has had a unique run. After initially getting the ax after one season, CBS brought back the cult favorite for a second round before canceling it for good.

Zreik wasn't worried about going back into the Jericho world and creating more stories to tell.

"Story-wise, [Jericho] has been living on in the comic book world," he says. "It's all the writers from the series, led by Dan Shotz. We've done three issues already. Story-wise, we've got ample story to tell, that's not a concern. I think we're just waiting to see if a deal can be brokered."