Jerry Seinfeld Challenges Jimmy Fallon to Update His Seinfeld Impersonation

Jerry Seinfeld 23 Hours To Kill Still 1 - Netflix Publicity -H 2020
Courtesy of Netflix

Jerry Seinfeld is ready for a new impression from Jimmy Fallon.

While joining the late-night host for The Tonight Show's Thanksgiving episode, Seinfeld jokingly called out Fallon for failing to have an updated impression of him.

Fallon has been notorious for impersonating Seinfeld, even performing one during a "Weekend Update" bit alongside Seinfeld on Saturday Night Live.

"Whenever I come on your show, the audience expects you're going to do me. Everyone thinks that you will do me cause you have this great impression of me," Seinfeld told Fallon. "Everybody thinks it's the best one. I want you to know that I've enjoyed it over the years, too."

Priding himself for having "a good sense of humor" about himself and welcoming being made fun of by others, Seinfeld challenged Fallon "to evolve to the next iteration of who I am."

"You do The Comedy Club '85 Jerry," Seinfeld told Fallon of what he's observed anytime the late-night host has impersonated him. Though he finds Fallon entertaining, Seinfeld advised, "We're all ready for you to move forward to the next Jerry."

Fallon accepted the challenge as he joined the show's competition dubbed, "The Seinfeld Challenge" in which viewers submitted their best rendition of Seinfeld sketches he shares in his book, Is This Anything? 

For his turn, Fallon performed Seinfeld's "bit about the Post Office." But did Seinfeld approve of Fallon's new take? Luckily, the comedian could not stop laughing during Fallon's sketch.

"You brought the maturity of the years...the condescension that only comes with age," Seinfeld said as he expressed his satisfaction with the late-night host's new impression.

Fallon continued to explain the methods behind his impression citing what he's observed of Seinfeld's dialogue. "'Seen' is a good word to do you by the way," Fallon added as he joked that if he had to pick the best "one-word impression" of the comedian it would be to recite the word "seen."

Fallon also suggested "Have you seen yourself?" be the next title for a Seinfeld book.

Watch Fallon's take on the "Seinfeld Challenge" below.