Jerry Seinfeld Joins Kelly Ripa on First 'Live' Broadcast Sans Regis Philbin

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Live! With Regis and Kelly was amended to Live! With Kelly Monday morning as Kelly Ripa hosted her first show following Regis Philbin's departure. Jerry Seinfeld sat in as guest host, and will continue in that capacity through Wednesday.

Seinfeld dubbed the episode "Operation Smooth Transition," and joked about Miss Piggy during Muppets movie star Jason Segel's appearance on the program. The comedian said, "As a man, I find Miss Piggy a little overbearing."

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Seinfeld and Ripa also teased a "big announcement" throughout the broadcast, which turned out to be a contest for a trip to Hawaii.

Seinfeld is the first of many potential co-headliners that will sit Ripa over the coming months, just like Philbin did in 2000 after the departure of co-host Kathie Lee Gifford. How I Met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris co-hosts next week.

In an interview with Philbin's pal David Letterman last week, Seinfeld admitted that he may not be able to do “that thing” that both Regis and Letterman do. "He sits there and ... he just kind of takes up people's time," Seinfeld said. "But you do it in a way that people say, 'I could take more of this.' "

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Seinfeld also talked about his friendship with Philbin on Letterman, saying that the long-time host, while known for his smile and happy personality, has "a dark side." "He didn't know when to end the show. The first time I had dinner with him like 10 years ago, he said, 'How many years do I have to do this? When is it going to be over?' And I told him never," Seinfeld joked. "These are Pope jobs."

Disney-ABC Domestic Television is committed to producing Live through 2017.