Jerry Springer Looks to Headline Court Show for NBCUniversal

Jerry Springer-Getty-H 2016
Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Jerry Springer's long-running talk show is not in production at the moment, but he may not be done with daytime TV just yet.

NBCUniversal, which produces The Jerry Springer Show, and the host are developing another syndicated show, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed. The show, Judge Jerry, would have Springer, a former lawyer and the one-time mayor of Cincinnati, presiding over small-claims cases a la Judge Judy and numerous other courtroom shows.

NBCUniversal declined comment on the project. It is being targeted for a potential fall 2019 launch.

Springer's talk show, which debuted in 1991 and took its tabloid turn a short time into its run, is not producing new episodes at the moment. Previously produced episodes air on The CW stations and in syndication.

The CW has an option to pick up new episodes, so the show technically hasn't been canceled, but as of now its staff is idle. The Jerry Springer Show has produced nearly 4,000 episodes over a 27-year run.

The show became a magnet for controversy, and thus ratings, in the early and mid-1990s as it booked outlandish guests and stoked conflict (some real, some staged) onstage, even as Springer ended every episode with the line, "Take care of yourselves, and each other."

It made the host a bona fide daytime star in the pre-streaming era, and Springer's notoriety helped spawn a parody movie (Ringmaster), a musical (Jerry Springer: The Opera) and a Simpsons guest appearance. 

The Wrap first reported the development of a Springer court show.