'Jersey Shore': 5 Hotspots Where Cast Members Made Their Mark (Video)

The party-loving cast of the MTV series has frequented numerous bars, restaurants and clubs during three seasons. Here are just a few of them.
Club Karma in Seaside Heights, NJ

The cast of MTV's Jersey Shore may be big partiers, but at least they frequent the same clubs and bars. Though the upcoming fourth season of the reality series finds the cast in foreign territory (Italy), The Hollywood Reporter revisits some of the hotspots the cast has made their mark in -- for better or for worse.

Club Karma (Seaside Heights, NJ)

The Jersey Shore cast dropps in on Karma (401 Boulevard) often, especially during the show's third season. In the third season finale "At the End of the Day," Karma -- as with other clubs around the area made famous by Jersey Shore -- was featured prominently in the episode, with the Jersey Shore gang seen getting ready for their last night out. Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi took on a carefree attitude at the dance club and it was at the club that Roger asked Jennifer "JWoww" Farley to be in a steady relationship with him. Described as a somewhat upscale nighclub, Karma -- next to Luna Rosa Trattoria restaurant -- is open Thursdays through Sundays during the summer.

The Bamboo Bar (Seaside Heights, NJ)

According to its official website, The Bamboo Bar (201 Boulevard) is the "No. 1 Singles Bar in New Jersey" so it would only be fitting that the hookups-prone Jersey Shore cast pop in once and a while. Just down the street from Karma, on Saturdays Bamboo has two DJs on two different dance floors and has the Jersey Shore vibe.

Beachcomber Bar and Restaurant (Seaside Heights, NJ)

Remember when Snooki got punched in the face? That took place at Beachcomber Bar and Grill (100 Oceanside Terrace). Owner Michael Barbone recalled the infamous incident to MTV in August 2010, describing the fight as the "famous Snooki punch." "It happened on a Tuesday night. Something beyond our control," he said. "We had a customer that was cut off and flagged. He just kind of snuck in there and was trying to steal a drink. Snooki was the only one telling him, 'Hey, cut it out.' I guess he hit her without realizing what he did." Barbone revealed at the time that the Jersey Shore cast visited the eatery "almost every day," ordering sushi and buffalo chicken salad. Additionally, Beachcomber hosts daily bands at night and in the afternoons.

Aztec (Seaside Heights, NJ)

In one of the last episodes in Season 3, the Jersey Shore cast was seen partying at the Seaside Heights club Aztec (901 Boardwalk). Vinny Guadagnino says during the "A House Divided" hour of the girls at Aztec: "Through the grenades, I'm always looking to find the flower that's in the weeds." And several members of the cast find themselves "dancing" with older ladies on the dance floor. In the seventh episode of that same season, it is when Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola plays mindgames with Ronnie by dancing with another guy, prompting him to go back to the house and destroy some of her things. Located on the Boardwalk in Seaside Heights and in the Aztec Ocean Resort right by the beach, Aztec hosts a Margarita Social every night in July and August, and like its website states: "Stop by some night you never .. who will be visiting!"

Club Dream (Miami Beach, FL)

In the second season, Jersey Shore took over South Beach. One of the clubs was Miami hotspot Club Dream (1532 Washington Ave.). A woman claimed that while at the club Jersey Shore's Sammi and her boyfriend Ronnie disrupted her private party. The cast of Jersey Shore wasn't met with open arms when it was announced that they would be moving down to Florida for several weeks, with several Miami hotels -- afraid of bad press and publicity -- declining to give film crews access to film on their properties. (Hemingway's was to be featured on Jersey Shore but declined.)

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Captain Hooks (1320 Boulevard, Seaside Heights, NJ)

Surf Club (1900 Ocean Ave., Seaside Heights, NJ)