'Jersey Shore' Finale Post Mortem: Cast Members Reminisce About Italy, Look Ahead to Seaside Heights

Vinny Guadagnino, Sammi Giancola and Deena Cortese tell THR what they loved about Firenze and what they couldn’t wait to come home to.
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The Jersey Shore crew said goodbye to Florence, Italy during the season four finale, only to head straight into more filming in Seaside Heights, New Jersey.

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During the Thursday, Oct. 20 broadcast, their journey came to a quiet end as the crew engaged in some sightseeing and prepared to pack up and move home. Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino toyed with the idea of abandoning the series by opting out of season 5, though he ended the episode announcing that he would stay – receiving mixed reactions from the housemates.
“Jersey, here I come,” he said. “I’ve always got something up my sleeve, and it’s going to be a Situation.”
The Hollywood Reporter caught up with cast members Vinny Guadagnino, Sammi Giancola and Deena Cortese to reminisce about their time overseas and explain what viewers can expect from the fifth season, which has already wrapped filming.

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“The hardest part is talking about the future seasons, because we don't watch the show,” Vinny said. “We have no idea what they're going to show and how they're going to cut it, so the past is like a blur and the future is also a blur.”
One thing he could promise about the crew’s homecoming: “It's going to be like re-releasing a wild turkey into the wild.”
“You’ll see us really adapt to being back in Jersey again and obviously we're definitely much more comfortable with each other, we've been with each other for so long,” added Deena.

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While their time in Italy was plagued with drama, the crew had a few pleasant memories to look back on during their stay. Vinny fondly remembers his trip to Sicily, while Deena and Sam recall a few moments that didn’t make it to air.
“We actually had a lot of pranks pulled on the guys, especially Pauly and Vinny,” Deena said. “One of the funniest pranks was when me and Sam had balloons and we blew them all up and we put them underneath their mattresses hoping if they brought home a girl and they had sex, it would pop. But they didn't bring home a girl that night and the balloons just popped.”
“They never really showed how close me and Sam are,” she added. “We did a lot of funny pranks and we would call each other the Masked Bandits.”
Countered Vinny, “the girls try to prank us, and we just look at them and laugh and say, ‘Alright, you just dug your own grave.’”

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“I think we all grew so much closer,” said Sammi. “There were times when Ronnie would look at me and be like, ‘Okay you're thinking this.’ So, [season 5] is definitely more fun and more of the roommates being closer.”

The next installment of MTV’s hit show is expected to debut in early 2012, which will follow the cast as they touch down on American soil and re-adjust to life at the shore. While the mostly-Italian cast enjoyed authentic meals overseas, Vinny couldn’t wait to hit the fast food circuit.

VIDEO: Jersey Shore' Finale Post Mortem: Cast Members Reminisce About Italy, Look Ahead to Seaside Heights
“There's anything you can get in America twenty-four hours a day. Over there, you can't get breakfast. Every time you want to eat, it's like a four course meal, so you have to plan your day around all that,” he said. “When we came back, we just ate everything. We were like ‘Yes, McDonald's.’”
“I missed my hair products,” lamented Sam, while Deena simply couldn’t wait to return to “normal life.”


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