'Jersey Shore' Finale Preview: Team Meatballs Say Ciao to Italy (Exclusive Video)

Team Meatballs are heading back to the states.

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After a whirlwind stay in Florence, Italy, the Jersey Shore crew will call it a day during the season 4 finale on Thursday, Oct. 20. This time, instead of goodbyes, the crew heads straight back to Seaside to begin filming season 5 of the hit MTV reality show.
Not the type to exit quietly, Team Meatballs – Deena Cortese and Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi -- will undoubtedly go out with a bang. In one of their final evenings in Florence, we see the duo stumbling down the street and treating newly planted trees as stripper poles. Watch above.

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The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Cortese to reflect on her time away from home.
“I missed normal life,” she confessed. “The driving there was different, the people there were different, it’s just a completely different world that I don’t think I was ready personally to get into and I didn’t realize how different it would be.”
“I don’t know why I thought there were going to be a whole bunch of Italian guidos walking around and [it was] completely not that,” she added. “I just missed the guys out in Jersey.”

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Though many fans wonder whether the series’ novelty is beginning to wear off, Cortese promises new adventures to come in the following season.
“You're going to see us all get together and see a different side,” she said. “We went straight from Italy to Seaside, so we are all homesick from Italy, we're all excited to get back home, but you see us really adapt to being back in Jersey again.”
Jersey Shore airs Thursday at 10 p.m. on MTV. Season 5 has already wrapped filming at the shore, and is expected to begin broadcast in early 2012.

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