'Jersey Shore' Cast Shows Shocking Political Savvy in Funny or Die Clip (Video)

Jersey Shore Funny or Die - 2012 H

Gym, tan ... politics?

It turns out the cast of MTV’s Jersey Shore is secretly full of political junkies. At least that’s the premise of a new Funny or Die video, which sees Snooki quoting Abraham Lincoln and GTL redefined as game theory logic.

“What the eff is wrong with you people? I have a baby inside of me,” Snooki tells her shore-mates. “I’m seriously worried about this country’s future.”

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Pretty much everyone in the cast gets their shot at a monologue worthy of a political science major, and Ronnie and Vinny sneak off for a bro-down, where they debate the merits of a viable third party.

A shore-wide shouting match builds to a fever pitch until, when all seems lost, Snooki declares: “A shore house divided against itself cannot stand.” 

The embattled crew then concede they agree on one thing: the importance of encouraging youth participation in the political process. 

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And where'd the shore-mates get such political-savvy dialogue? Watch until the end for one last joke. 

Watch the video below

Jersey Shore Politics from Snooki