'Jersey Shore' Cast Shows Shocking Political Savvy in Funny or Die Clip (Video)

The MTV reality stars talk political theory in the PSA aimed at encouraging young people to vote.

Gym, tan ... politics?

It turns out the cast of MTV’s Jersey Shore is secretly full of political junkies. At least that’s the premise of a new Funny or Die video, which sees Snooki quoting Abraham Lincoln and GTL redefined as game theory logic.

“What the eff is wrong with you people? I have a baby inside of me,” Snooki tells her shore-mates. “I’m seriously worried about this country’s future.”

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Pretty much everyone in the cast gets their shot at a monologue worthy of a political science major, and Ronnie and Vinny sneak off for a bro-down, where they debate the merits of a viable third party.

A shore-wide shouting match builds to a fever pitch until, when all seems lost, Snooki declares: “A shore house divided against itself cannot stand.” 

The embattled crew then concede they agree on one thing: the importance of encouraging youth participation in the political process. 

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And where'd the shore-mates get such political-savvy dialogue? Watch until the end for one last joke. 

Watch the video below

Jersey Shore Politics from Snooki