'Jersey Shore': 5 Things Done in Vinny's Honor (Video)

Deena Cortese Jersey Shore 2012

What does MTV’s Jersey Shore look like without Vinny Guadagnino? Eh, pretty much the same, except the cast members dedicate their debauchery to the departed roommate.

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After Vinny left on last week’s episode complaining he couldn’t deal with his anxiety, his roommates tried to go on with their lives in Seaside Heights. And while there was plenty of tears and frowns thrown in, the GTL lifestyle continued. And, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and DJ Pauly Delvechio’s birthday week makes it very clear who the house favors most.

On this episode, Mike realized that he’s not the house’s favorite dude. Duh. That would be Vinny. But with him out of the picture, the love transferred over to his first mate, Pauly. His family surprised him by paying him a birthday visit and his hometown barber (who’s really the only one who can do his trademark blowout cut right). And then the girls made him a birthday cake. And, what did Mike get? Nothing.

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Snooki said it best, “The fact that we made Pauly a birthday cake and not Mike, that's what you get for being a f--king douchebag.” Here, here. Enough about Mike, let’s talk about Vinny again.

Here are five things the roomies did in honor of Vinny.

1. Cry him a river. When Deena Cortese found out that Vinny left, she instantly started with the waterworks. She cried on the dance floor, in the club’s bathroom, and even back at home. “Vinny is my soul,” she said through tears. Merp. Jenni “JWoww” Farley placed everything into perspective when it came to Deena’s dramatics. “If Vinny stubbed his toe, she'd cry about it,” Jenni said.

2. Party in his memory. Snooki decided to dedicate a night of drunken partying… all for Vinny, of course.

3. Wear skinny jeans. What better way to honor Vinny than to wear his favorite jean style. So what if it made Ronnie Magro look like one of those spinning tops. It was for a good cause.

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4. Smush Vinny’s type of girl. Pauly is nothing if not a giver. He meets a girl covered in tattoos and DTF – just Vinny’s type – and decides to take her home and smush in his best friend’s empty bed. He even gave up the chance to give Mike a hard time. “I would've grabbed the grenade camera for Mike’s girl,” he said. “But I had to grab a cute girl and get it in for Vinny.” That’s friendship.

5. Phone in your love. In a pretty touching moment, the roomies got around the duck phone to check in on Vinny. Problem is, they found out he’s not coming bsck anytime soon.

And now, for some of the best Jersey-isms from “Dropping Like Flies.”

“Let's have a meatball day. Let's get wastey pants.” -- Snooki
“I can hang out with gay men all freakin’ day. You can get feakin' hammered and you don't have to give him a b.j. at the end of the day.” -- Deena
“Yo, Deena, your ass is hanging out. What corner was you workin’?” -- Mike
“It's like fingerprints. How the hell are you going to tell a guidette apart without her extensions?” -- Deena
“It should be against she law to come to my house at 4 a.m. and not give me birthday sex.” -- Pauly
“I actually like Paula. Sure, she’s dirty and grimy and disgusting, but she's just a nice girl.” – Sammi “Sweetheart” Giancola on Mike’s go-to booty call.

While his roommates partied, what was Vinny doing at home? He explains in the video below.

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