Jersey Shore Recap: Hello Jionni, Goodbye Jionni

An exhausting episode all around, highlighted by shrieks of anguish from Snooki.
Ian Spanier/MTV

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi had a rough go all around during the Sept. 22 episode of Jersey Shore.

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First, the episode begins where the last left off -- Snooki's infamous car wreck. Landing herself in jail once again after rear ending a cop car, the roommates come to the rescue, freeing Team Meatballs from the clink. Snooki escapes relatively unharmed, losing her license, but not facing any real charges. The pint-sized guidette is only required to pay "a lot of fines," according to Pauly D. Something she should have no problem with, given the cast's impressive salaries.

After learning that Jenni "J Woww" Farley's boyfriend Roger is unable to make the trip out to Italy, Snooks continues to prepare for the long awaited arrival of her own long-distance love, Jionni.

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After agonizing preparation, including about 7 visible outfit changes, Jionni finally arrives, soliciting tears of joy from his beloved. The tears quickly turn to anguish, however, after an ill-fated night out at the club.

In true Snooki fashion, one too many shots are consumed and somehow her skirt ends up above her head on the dance floor, exposing her kooka to all the world. Jionni does not take kindly to her behavior, and uses the opportunity to bolt from the club. After what seems like hours of shrieking and sobbing from Snooki, while Jenni traverses half of Florence to look for the missing Romeo, Jionni heads back to the house to pack his things and leave, but not before telling his loved one, "you're single now."

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In the show's one moment of comic relief, Snooki allows Brittany -- the blonde "stalker" who only has eyes for Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino -- into her roommate's bed, in an attempt to foil his plans to "get it in" with a pretty Australian from the club. Much to Snooki's chagrin, the plan backfires, as Sitch sends his Aussie pal home and proceeds to "smash" Brittany. The whole incident raises the question, however -- what is the term for welcomed stalking?

As for next week's teasers, Snooki appears to find solace where else, but in Vinny Guadagnino's bed. If the reality starlet didn't use Twitter to share constant updates about her loving and sometimes functional relationship with Jionni, we'd almost be on the edge of our seats.