'Jersey Shore' Recap: Snooki Goes After Jionni, Ends Up With Vinny

The Situation tries to seduce Snooki, Deena faces a pregnancy scare on last night’s episode of the MTV reality show.

As always, drama ensued on Thursday's Jersey Shore.

Jionni is angry that his girlfriend Snooki was flashing at the club last week, and sets off -- sending Snooki out looking for him on the streets of Italy. He's not in the first "bar" she pops into -- which is actually a deli that sells beer -- so she instead drinks a Corona by herself, begins crying and dances alone.

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After calling off her search, Snooki is consoled by JWoww, who apologizes for not joining her to find Jionni. Snooki sobs and then apologizes as well.

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Then it's discovered that Jionni may have left Italy -- or taken a train to Rome. When they find out he's still at the Florence train station, they debate if they should go after him. JWoww screams at Snooki, "You're not being Sam right now!' Even Sammi says, "She's definitely having a Sam moment."

They hunt him down, and Jionni admits to Snooki he can't be with her anymore. They continue to discuss their relationship in teary phone calls that the house eavesdrops on.

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Deena also experiences a pregnancy scare (she's not) and later cleans a toilet with a mop.

To cheer herself up, Snooki throws a party in their apartment. DJ Pauly D provides the music.

The Situation tries to seduce Snooki -- by saying that he wanted to kick Jionni in the head.

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Says Snooki, "I just want to vomit hearing this."

Then Snooki blames Ronnie for The Situation wanting to fight Jionni.

Instead of bedding The Situation, Snooki instead ends up with Vinny.