'Jersey Shore' Recap: Who Needs Self Help?

The cast gets their Dr. Phil on to resolve house issues amongst themselves, while the dynamic duos provide the comic relief.
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If there's one thing viewers know about Jersey Shore, it's that the MTV cast knows how to party.

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To kick off episode 6 right, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino throws himself a pity-party -- and we're all invited!

Still wallowing from a self-inflicted injury, Sitch needs a little pick-me-up from frenemy Ronnie Ortiz-Magro. Ron Ron dusts off his therapist hat to inform Mike that he needs to rip off that neckbrace and get out of the house to put his rut behind him. Mike obliges.

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Meanwhile, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi suffers relationship woes through the entire episode (and -- dare we say -- next episode), while her conservative boyfriend laments about her outspoken and oversexed personality.

As neither Vinny Guadagnino or Paul "DJ Pauly D" Delvecchio have contributed to much of any drama this season, they've become a staple in the comic relief category. This week, the pot calls the kettle black while the dynamic duo does their best guido -- bringing to life a new mantra that will undoubtedly rival the coveted GTL: "Fist Pump, Pushup, Chapstick." FPC? Not quite as catchy. Though as much as Pauly D mocks his Deena-styled-faux-hawk, it actually looks better than his signature blowout. Just saying.

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Ron and Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola fight. Big surprise. What is surprising, however, is watching them discuss their relationship problems in a mature conversation without voices being raised. Dusting off his own therapist hat, Vinny jumps in on their pow-wow to tell the bickering couple that no one in the house wants to hear about their issues any longer.

Team Meatballs (Snooki and her counterpart, Deena Cortese) provide another key comedic moment of the evening, taking on their haters in the club and managing to fail miserably.

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After a drink is thrown in their face by a true Italian belle, the pint-sized duo goes on the attack. Their efforts are foiled, however, when they accidentally fight each other, letting their attacker off scot-free. But all's well that ends well -- the girls make up with a quick peck on the lips and enough laughs to go around.

Snooki continues to sexually assault her shy boyfriend Jionni over the telephone, while the girls (and Ronnie) team up for an intervention. Setting up a perfect controversy for next week, the group attempts to convince Snooks that the man she loves is a "jerk off" and doesn't deserve to be with her.

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Cue his impending visit which, according to THR's Jersey Shore cover story, will result in some major drama.

We couldn't help but notice that wherever the roommates gather, the Situation is nowhere to be found. Perhaps Pauly D wasn't joking when he said "We're not really on the outs with him. He's a… he's an interesting dude. He likes to start trouble and we're just really not into that."

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Jersey Shore airs Thursdays on MTV at 10 p.m.