Jessica Biel Gets Very Flirty With Conan O'Brien (Video)

Jessica Biel Conan - H 2012

Jessica Biel Conan - H 2012

Watch out, Justin Timberlake. According to Conan O'Brien, new wife Jessica Biel is looking for a piece of the big orange himself.

Biel stopped by Conan on Wednesday to promote her new film Playing for Keeps. One of the first things out of her mouth when she sat down was, “I am a married woman now. You can’t flirt with me like you did last time."

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This then led to two different video segments featuring very different versions of the same story. The first showed Conan desperately throwing himself at Justin Timberlake's new wife, while the second had the Hitchcock star leaping across Conan’s desk, demanding that she must have him.

“Thank you for letting me shoot it 35 times,” the host said after the videos wrapped. “It was the greatest moment of my life."

This then gave way to Biel talking about her childhood, being a tomboy and decapitating Barbie dolls.

“I ended up mutilating [Barbies]. Pulling their heads off, cutting off all their hair, dying them with markers and sticking them on the Christmas tree lights. And they’d light up like these demonic heads," Biel said.

“You’re beautiful and I love serial killers,” Conan deadpanned.

 Biel laughed and added, “I still have the heads. They still go on every year at home."

We're pretty sure she was kidding.