Jessica Lynch Talks 'Mentally and Physically Draining' Trauma of Iraq War (Video)

Jessica Lynch POW 10 years Today Show - H 2013

Jessica Lynch POW 10 years Today Show - H 2013

It's been 10 years since the former prisoner of war's rescue in Iraq, and Jessica Lynch -- now a motivational speaker and mom -- continues to feel the after-effects of her harrowing experience.

"About every night I have some kind of dream where there's someone chasing me and ... it's hard, it really is mentally and physically draining," says Lynch, 29, in an interview that aired Monday on the Today show.

She adds: "I'm very blessed and happy to be here."

Lynch, rescued on April 1, 2003, during a U.S. raid from the Iraqi hospital where he had been held captive, has had 21 surgeries and still wears a brace on her left leg. "The right foot keeps giving me problems ... but I do the best that I can," she said.

Interviewed by Savannah Guthrie, Lynch addresses survivor's guilt and the inaccuracies in reports of her headline-making capture, in the clip below:

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