Jim Carrey Horses Around on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

Jim Carrey, Jimmy Kimmel - H 2014

Jim Carrey was typically understated during his Thursday night appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Not really.

As is usually the case, he stole the show, performing a number of zany stunts, including giving people bowl haircuts, a la his Dumb and Dumber To character Lloyd Christmas, on Hollywood Boulevard and taking Kimmel on a pony ride around the studio.

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Early in the show, Carrey set up a makeshift barbershop outside the studio, with Kimmel periodically checking in with his guest as Carrey doled out bowl haircuts to passers-by. With his first victim, Carrey seemed to have a bit of a mishap, with Kimmel cutting to Carrey only to to show his guest holding a bloody towel to the man's ear, which Carrey pretended to have snipped off. With the second customer, a woman, Carrey decided he would "eye-bowl" it and cut her hair without using an actual bowl to guide him. But it seems he went a bit too far. When Kimmel cut back to Carrey, he was shaving the woman's head, and she said she just wanted an autograph. Whoops.

Later in the show, Carrey helped Kimmel celebrate his birthday, which was also Thursday, teasing him about growing old. But he also helped Kimmel relive his childhood, taking the host on a pony ride around the studio, with Kimmel and the pony sporting party hats for the occasion.