Jim Jefferies on Comedy Central Late-Night Series Ending: "I've Solved Everything"

The Jim Jefferies Show Finale Still 1 - Publicity - H 2019
Courtesy of Comedy Central

Jim Jefferies' late night Comedy Central series aired its final episode on Tuesday evening, with the Australian comedian and late-night host telling his audience the reasoning for doing so is pretty understandable.

"Tonight is the last-ever Jim Jefferies Show. It's been a great three years and we're sad to go but for good reason," he said in his goodbye monologue. "I've solved everything."

The host then left it to a montage of clips — sprinkled with celebrity appearances including Brad Pitt and Carol Burnett — to recap three seasons of The Jim Jefferies Show. From suggesting slavery return "but this time everyone has a go" to questioning whether there were any limits to cannabis' effects to documenting his journey of becoming a U.S. citizen in the second season finale, Jefferies pointed out how he has solved every issue the world has with his unapologetic, honest and international approach to culture and politics. 

"I don't mean to get sentimental, but allow me to say, 'You're welcome,'" the host added at the end of the montage. 

Getting serious for a moment, Jefferies thanked those who've kept up with his antics since the program first premiered in June 2017.

"I'd like to thank everyone who tuned in, whether you watched every week or you were too stoned and fell asleep watching Tosh.0," he quipped, and then thanked Comedy Central and his cast and crew for their hard work. 

"I'm really proud of the fact that the show was good. It didn't fucking suck," Jefferies added. "I think we did some amazing field pieces and many of the crew, I traveled the world with... These field pieces were some of the best experiences of my life. But the best experience of the show was becoming friends with many of you, so thank you very much."

Before his final signoff, the host shared with his audience, "I'm Jim Jefferies. I think we can all do better. Good night."

The comedian won't be gone for long from television, as he is set to star as the lead of an NBC multicamera comedy from Suzanne Martin, Sean Hayes and Todd Milliner's Hazy Mills and Universal TV. Jefferies will write the script with Martin.