Jimmy Fallon Addresses Latest Injury: "I'm Your Host, Trippy Fallon"

Jimmy Fallon Bandaged Hand - H 2015

Jimmy Fallon did not waste time addressing his newest injury on Monday's Tonight Show.

Taking the stage in a hard hat, he made jokes about having been taken to the hospital Oct. 24 after hurting his right hand following a fall at Harvard. This follows an injury to his left hand in June that required surgery.

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"Welcome to the Tonight Show — I am your host, Trippy Fallon," he said Monday.

"This time, I injured my other hand right after getting an award from Harvard," he said about the festivities at which he received the Elmer Award from the Harvard Lampoon. "Even after getting into Harvard, I still embarrass my parents."

He said he got a variety of feedback after the mishap. "Fans sent me get-well-soon cards while my hand doctor sent me a picture of his new Ferrari," he cracked.

Fallon explained that the injury occurred when he tripped over a female attendee, causing him to drop a bottle of Jagermeister that he was planning to give someone as a gift.

"I threw the bottle and just landed on broken glass," Fallon said, pointing out that there were "pools of blood everywhere."

He made it clear to viewers that he was now fine after getting his hand treated: "I'm kind of used to going to hospitals now — it's kind of fun."

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