Jimmy Fallon, Andrew Rannells Recap 2020 in Song, Remembering Virus Anxiety, Zoom Calls, the Election and 'Animal Crossing'

Andrew Rannells and host Jimmy Fallon
Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Jimmy Fallon and The Prom actor Andrew Rannells recapped the year 2020 to the tunes of Broadway songs, including relevant lyrics that explored all the hallmark characteristics of the strange year: the coronavirus pandemic, Zoom calls, an abundance of time spent in Animal Crossing, the perils of home quarantine and more.

"2020, oh what a journey," declared the late-night host at the start of the segment. "How has one year felt like 30?" The lyrics then included activities that were thwarted by the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, such as "seeing a concert," "shopping for bedding" and attending a family reunion on a Disney cruise.

Wrapped in a blanket by the window — a recognizable scene of home isolation — Fallon sang, "It's day 16, going on 17 here in my quarantine. Staying at home and fixing Dad's iPhone, where is my pal Jim Beam?"

Throwing back to the video conferencing calls that many office workers became acquainted with this year, Rannells sang, "On top I'm dressed, waist down I'm a mess, I'm ready to work from home." A Zoom screen was shown in the segment with participants having changed their backgrounds to the moon.

Of course, the social simulation game Animal Crossing also made an appearance in the recap, with Fallon singing, "I'm sick of catching moths on my Animal Crossing game." The pair later sang, "I think that I'm losing my sanity... I gotta leave this house."

"Memories, drinking lattes at Starbucks," sang Fallon to the tune of "Memory" from Cats. "Sitting crammed into tables, with nowhere to put my arms."

The recap also included the election, Moderna vaccine and attending outdoor birthday parties. "When 2020 started it was supposed to be my year," sang Rannells. "So, what happened? Took a shower once a month, while trembling in fear, God what happened? A Virus that infects the entire world."

View the whole clip below.