Jimmy Fallon Awards Judd Apatow His Own 'Academy Award' in Praise-Fest (Video)

With the director as his guest, the "Late Night" host raved about "This Is 40" with an enthusiasm that surprised even Apatow.

Jimmy Fallon really, really enjoyed This Is 40.

It's not uncommon for a talk show host to praise his guest's work regardless of its critical reception, but Fallon went full-on comedy nerd on Judd Apatow, who was by his side to promote the family dramedy. As he ran raves and a list of the film's stars, Apatow teased, "So you're saying you loved the movie?" And Fallon, taking the hyperbole one step further, said that he thought it deserved an Oscar nomination.

Film Review: 'This Is 40'

Things escalated, and viewers were soon treated to an Academy Award-like celebration.

Further along, Fallon continued to lavish praise, recalling funny scenes and moments from the script, in a way that was reminiscent of the old "Chris Farley Show" on Saturday Night Live.

Remember this interview if Fallon ends up in Apatow's next film.