Jimmy Fallon Battles 'Fortnite' Pro Ninja in Retro Games Royale

The two played 'Pong' and Super Nintendo’s 'Mario Kart,' which Ninja was better than Fallon, but then came 'GoldenEye' for the N64.
The Tonight Show/YouTube
Jimmy Fallon and gaming pro Ninja play retro titles on 'The Tonight Show'.

Jimmy Fallon knew he would stand zero chance against gaming pro Ninja in a game of Fortnite, so The Tonight Show host challenged him to a battle royale of retro titles. 

Still, the late-night host bit off more than he could chew at first against Ninja, aka Richard Tyler Blevins.

The two played Pong and Super Nintendo’s Mario Kart, which Ninja was better than Fallon, but then came GoldenEye for the N64. 

Fallon has made it clear on his show multiple times that GoldenEye was an obsession of his when it came out in the mid-'90s, and he even got to play a round with James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan, who starred in that 007 chapter. 

Fallon got the rare W over Ninja with the James Bond game but then went back to losing when the pair played Rocket League.

Watch The Tonight Show segment below.