Jimmy Fallon Does His Best Charlie Sheen in Spoof Clone Cologne Commercial (Video)

The "Late Night" host and the re-emerging actor team up in a fake spot for a sci-fi scent.

Two Charlie Sheens are better than one, right?

In a roundabout promotion for his upcoming FX show Anger Management, the star popped up at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to join the host in a self-effacing parody scent commercial for Clone Cologne. It allowed Fallon to break out his impression of Sheen, while giving Sheen, now recovered from the high profile implosion-madness of a year ago, the chance to point out that he is indeed a whole different man.

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And certainly not winning.

Earlier on Thursday, Sheen appeared on The Today Show to drive home the dual points that he no longer has Tiger Blood pumping through his veins and that his new show will be far better than the CBS sitcom he helped to years of top ratings.

As he said, ahead of the show's June 28 debut, his plan is to, "reintroduce myself to America and the media and say, 'Sorry about that; here's what's happening now.'"

He has spoofed himself a number of times already, including in ads for DirecTV and Fiat.

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