Jimmy Fallon Disses Hillary Clinton's Clothes in Chelsea Pregnancy Joke (Video)

Jimmy Fallon - P 2014

Jimmy Fallon - P 2014

Jimmy Fallon's joke about Hillary Clinton's fashion choices was poorly received by his audience Monday night.

The Tonight Show host opened his monologue by noting that Chelsea Clinton's going to have a baby.

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"If it's a girl, it will get some of Chelsea's old hand-me-downs, and if it's a boy, it will get some of Hillary's," Fallon joked to a mix of laughs and boos.

Responding to those who booed him, Fallon defended his quip by indicating that he was referring to Clinton's penchant for wearing pantsuits.

"It's a little pantsuit!," he said. "It's a little cream pantsuit."

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Fallon then smiled broadly as only his announcer, Steve Higgins, kept laughing. The host then burst into laughter himself and wondered out loud why the crowd was so offended.

"It wasn't that hard of a joke," he said. "What's the big deal?"

Watch Fallon's joke, and the audience reaction, below.