Jimmy Fallon Drops 'Downton Abbey' Spoof Sequel on 'Late Night' (Video)

Whoopi Goldberg joins Fred Armisen, Brooke Shields and Carson Daly in the second, melodramatic installment of "Downton Sixbey."

Jimmy Fallon brought back his surprisingly well-executed Downton Abbey spoof, Downton Sixbey, during Thursday's Late Night, featuring returning cameos from Carson Daly, Fred Armisen and a silent Brooke Shields.

Also making the trip to Studio 6B -- Sixbey, get it? -- are Whoopi Goldberg and Questlove as the distant relatives named heirs to the Rock Center offices after Daly was felled by a hot air balloon accident. Pearl inlay afro picks, The View jokes and awkward references to racial slurs ensue.

Armisen shines in the short, once again defaulting to drag as unfortunate middle daughter "Hedith" while showing off his very real drum skills.

Watch the video below: