Jimmy Fallon Dunks on Drake in Close Game of "Faceketball"

Fallon even let Mini-Drake take a shot on Thursday's 'Tonight Show.'
Courtesy of YouTube/The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon is a very competitive "Faceketball" player. 

Drake, who is set to host Saturday Night Live on May 14, joined Fallon on Thursday night for a friendly Tonight Show game. 

Earlier in the night, Fallon and Drake discussed the Mini-Drake meme, even gifting a real-life Mini-Drake to the artist, who put him on his shoulder. "Oh, Drake on Drake, this is so meta!" said Fallon. 

"There's just so many walls breaking," Drake said, as he placed Mini-Drakes all over Fallon's desk. 

In "Faceketball," the two were pretty closely matched until Fallon dunked on Drake for some extra points, but he let his opponent try to dunk on him as well. Drake's dunk broke Fallon's basket, though, so Fallon let Mini-Drake dunk the last shot. 

Watch the full video below.