Jimmy Fallon Grills His Favorite 'Gilmore Girls' Characters on the Show's Final Four Words

Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Jimmy Fallon has plenty of theories for the long-rumored final four words in Netflix's upcoming Gilmore Girls revival. 

Sitting down Tuesday with Gilmore Girls' Luke, Kirk and Paris (Scott Patterson, Sean Gunn and Liza Weil), Fallon pitched his ideas for the last scene as well. Fallon even started off the segment with his own rendition of his new favorite show's theme song by Carol King. 

"I'm freaking out," Fallon said in announcing his favorite three characters. Calling it the "best show ever," Fallon confirmed that "every night I go to sleep to Gilmore Girls." He's currently on season five, and already has a theory about those last four words, said to have been showrunner Amy Sherman-Palladino's plan for the show all along. Is the whole town inside a snow globe? 

Welcoming three of his favorite Gilmore Girls characters, Fallon grilled the trio on those rumored final words. 

Gunn said he still doesn't know what they are. "I want to watch it with the fans and see," he told Fallon. "Maybe it's 'Kirk is your overlord.' " 

Patterson said he pitched "Drop the gun, Kirk," but Sherman-Palladino rejected his idea. Fallon's idea? "Stars Hollow never existed." 

On the Netflix revival, which debuts Nov. 25, Patterson said the outpouring of excitement from the fans now is touching, but not too surprising. "The fans see it as a religion, it's not just a show to them," he explained. "And we knew during the original run how the fans were reacting to it, so it's not really a surprise."

Gunn agreed, adding that "it feels like the show is more popular now than it ever was. So to hear fans are so excited for it, for a show that we did 15 years ago, it’s crazy." 

Weil said it was "bizarre to go back" to the show after leaving her character of Paris so long ago and moving on to ABC's How to Get Away With Murder. Patterson told Fallon that he had to take a walk around the town before being able to find his character again. 

Last week, the Tonight Show host updated the audience on his binge-watching of the original series (he was still on season four) and listed his favorite characters. Taylor Doose, Luke, Kirk and Sookie all made the cut, with his all-time favorite being Paris Geller (Weil), Rory Gilmore's friend and rival. 

Watch the video below.