Jimmy Fallon Hosts 'Cosby Show' Reunion (Video)

Bill Cosby Jimmy Fallon - H 2013

After spending years trying to organize a Saved by the Bell reunon, Jimmy Fallon pulled off a partial Huxtable famly reunion.

Bill Cosby and Tempestt Bledsoe, who played the legendary comedian’s daughter Vanessa Huxtable on The Cosby Show, both appeared on Late Night Friday and quickly fell back into the father-daughter dynamic.

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“This is truly surreal for me, to have a clip that introduces me telling my husband I’m not going to going have sex with him -- and I come out and sit down next to my dad,” said Bledsoe after Fallon played a segment from her NBC comedy, Guys With Kids.

“Where is that boy,” Cosby said, playing the protective father. 

Cosby couldn’t resist telling a story dating back to shooting of the Cosby Show pilot, and got his onscreen daughter to recreate it with him.

Fallon, who works with Bledsoe as a producer on Guys With Kids, asked Cosby if it was fun to see his TV daughter grow up.

“No,” Cosby deadpanned. “When she turns out to be stunning, then you have problems. All these guys are coming and they pretend they like you.”

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Bledsoe recalled that when she decided to attend college while shooting The Cosby Show, she started signing up for classes on Friday, her day off. When Cosby found out, he told her to take a full course load, with classes at any time, saying the show would work around her schedule.

“I got choked up when I heard that,” Fallon said of the story.

Watch the video below.

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