Jimmy Fallon Impersonates Russell Brand Reading Star Magazine (Video)

Jimmy Fallon Impersonating Russell Brand - H 2013

Jimmy Fallon Impersonating Russell Brand - H 2013

Jimmy Fallon, a master impressionist known for breaking character to dissolve into giggles, managed to make it nearly all the way through a Late Night sketch wherein he portrayed Russell Brand giving a comic reading of Star magazine.

Mocking a photo of Zero Dark Thirty's Jessica Chastain that had the caption "Zero Dark Pretty," Fallon-as-Brand thought he could do it better. 

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"Come on! You think they'd at least go with 'Zero Dark Flirty' -- it rhymes with thirty!" he said, pointing at the image: "Here we have Jessica Chastain looking 'Zero Dark Flirty' carrying an Osama bin Latte recently purchased from a local Starbucks-istan."

Suddenly, the real Brand interrupted the bit, declaring: "This is a hate crime!"

Cue Fallon's laughter, below: