Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel Mock L.A. Earthquake (Video)

Fallon also challenges Lena Dunham to a game of Pyramid, while Seth Meyers re-creates New Yorker cartoons with actors.

The 4.4 magnitude earthquake that hit Los Angeles Monday continues to shake things up on late night TV.

Jimmy Kimmel rolled out another edition of Lie Witness News -- this time asking people how they were preparing for a fictitious earthquake predicted for Wednesday. The Jimmy Kimmel Live! team convinced one young man he would need a Samsung app to get into "a survival sector" of L.A., while one woman nonchalantly answered "yes" when asked if she had anyone in "the death sectors" of the city.

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Meanwhile on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon mocked a clip of KTLA anchor Chris Schauble diving under his desk during the quake.

Later on Tonight, Fallon played a game of Pyramid with guests Lena Dunham and Hannibal star Hugh Dancy, as well as The Roots' Questlove. Who reigned supreme?

And back on ABC, Kimmel enlisted Cousin Sal to once again take over the food truck Kebabalicious -- annoying one customer with his illogical pricing schemes (an item cost more without a tomato than with it) and enraging another by demanding to know whom he was buying his order for.

VIDEO: Seth Meyers Opens 'Late Night' With Thank You Note to Jimmy Fallon

Seth Meyers' Late Night took a literary turn on Tuesday, when he invited The New Yorker magazine editor-in-chief David Remnick onto the NBC show.

After the author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning book, Lenin’s Tomb: The Last Days of the Soviet Empire shared his thoughts on Russian president Vladimir Putin and the current crisis in Crimea, Meyers made sure to lighten the mood.

"One of the most popular features in The New Yorker are the cartoons … what do you look for in the cartoons?" he asked the editor. "They should be funny," came the deadpan reply. In response, Meyers presented a special performance by the Late Night Players titled: "Live New Yorker Cartoons: An Exploration of Love, Death and People on Desert Islands."

The bizarre but hilarious collection of moving cartoons included the Grim Reaper, a toaster, a desert island game of eye spy and a very dour Where's Waldo?

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