Jimmy Fallon Takes on Mitt Romney, NCAA Tournament During 'Late Night' Fake News Segment (Video)

The NBC host does his best deadpan news anchor, and "American Reunion" star Eugene Levy appears as a grumpy economist in "Night News Now."

Jimmy Fallon is once again using the newsman skills he honed as anchor of Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update.

The host of NBC’s Late Night unleashed the second installment of “Night News Now,” a news segment so fast paced that it can’t be slowed down by things like gathering all of the facts or completing all of its sentences. Fallon first introduced the segment in back in February.

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In Friday’s installment, the deadpan Fallon reports on sports, simply saying “balls of various shapes and sizes were moved back and forth by over-sized human men,” and unhelpfully presents survey results without bothering to say what the survey had asked.

American Reunion’s Eugene Levy appears as a curmudgeonly economist who confusingly compares the U.S. economy to a floating pool noodle. Fallon ends the segment with a video showing what Republican presidential candidates Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney would look like if their faces were turned upside-down.

You can watch the video below.

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