Jimmy Fallon Pays Tribute to Prince, Recalls "Mysterious" Ping-Pong Match

What happened? "Ask your boy."
Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon and Questlove paid tribute to Prince on Monday's Tonight Show episode by recalling a memorable ping-pong match.

"Prince is one of these guys — he's an icon, he's legendary, he’s very mysterious. So much mystique around him," he recalled. "There are these famous stories that you hear that you don’t think are real, but they’re real."

Wearing a purple tie, Fallon shared how Chris Rock urged the late-night host to see the musician perform live. Fallon and Questlove did so, and even joined the icon onstage.

Later on, and on the night that Fallon's daughter was born, Prince spontaneously challenged him to a table tennis match at Susan Sarandon's club SPiN in New York City.

"I open the curtain, and Prince is standing there with a double-breasted crushed blue velvet suit, holding a ping-pong paddle," said Fallon, complete with an impression of the legend. Prince ended up beating Fallon with a score of 21-10.

After the final point, Fallon reached down to pick up the ball, only to find that Prince had suddenly vanished.

Questlove ran into the musician outside, and when he asked Prince what had happened, he simply responded, "Ask your boy."

Watch the video below.