Jimmy Fallon Plays Charades with Halle Berry, Chris Colfer (Video)

Meanwhile, Joan Rivers zings Meryl Streep and Colfer addresses last week's social media confusion over his "Glee" status.

On The Tonight Show on Tuesday, Glee star Chris Colfer joined Jimmy Fallon and Halle Berry for a heated game of charades.

The actor went on to explain last week's social media confusion over whether he was leaving the Fox musical.

"My Twitter got hacked and it sucked. I think it was a hacker or software broker. I was on a plane coming back form London and I had no WiFi, so it definitely wasn't me."

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"I got texts from the 'ambulance brigade'— five people who only text me when something bad has happened," he added, confirming he is still on Glee.

"It couldn't even be something cool like I grew a third arm."

Earlier, Berry and Fallon played a game of How We Roll.

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Joan Rivers is known for delivering zingers to A-list actresses, and on Tuesday's The Late Show she took aim at Meryl Streep.

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"Meryl Streep is very angry with me," Rivers told David Letterman, insisting she didn't know why. Here's a clue: Rivers went on to compliment Streep for being great as Lincoln and Precious. Earlier, Letterman gave Rivers a taste of her own medicine by walking out on her, just as the comedian had done on a CNN journalist days before.