Jimmy Fallon Reveals the Shows 'Late Night' May Spoof Next

Late Night host Jimmy Fallon is a TV nerd.

With two years under his belt, Fallon is setting his sights on spoofing even more television series. His most recent, Jersey Floor, pokes fun at MTV hit Jersey Shore. But he and the writers have another another reality show in mind.

“Maybe The Bachelor,” Fallon teased to The Hollywood Reporter on  Friday ahead of a PaleyFest event dedicated to Late Night. “Look forward to that because I’m a big fan of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette so it could be fun."

Late Night has carved a niche for parodying popular TV series and movies, including Glee, Twilight and Lost, so what does Web Soup host Chris Hardwick — who moderated Fallon’s session — think would be the logical next step? (Watch Hardwick’s interview below.)

“I’d like to see them parody a ghost-hunting show,” Hardwick said. “Like Ghost Hunters or Most Haunted or something. There was a proliferation of ghost-hunting shows on cable television and I feel like Jimmy could take them down.”

And when it was announced recently that Fallon would have his own Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream flavor, Late Night Snack, his late-night competitor Stephen Colbert (whose Americone Dream debuted in 2007) wasn’t too happy about it. So much so that Fallon and Colbert had a showdown of sorts on The Colbert Report.

“I think Stephen Colbert is .. upset a little bit that my ice cream’s better than his. It’s probably troubling — he can’t sleep at night, so I think sleep deprivation’s getting to him and he’s not being himself and I think when you take a scoop of Late Night Snack, you’ll see that it’s the superior ice-cream and there’s no question, no contest,” Fallon said — with a straight face.

Next on Fallon’s Late Night wish list? Playing Wii with the Queen of England via Skype.