Jimmy Fallon and Ricky Gervais Remember Their Mannequin Arms Soap Opera (Video)

The British comedian visited "Late Night" on Wednesday, and reminisced with the host about their (fake) big break in show business.
Lloyd Bishop/NBC

It's always a delight when old friends and co-stars kick back and talk about their early, heady, and now-embarrassing days before they made it big -- especially when there's a photo or clip to go along with it.  It's even more fun when the memories and footage are obviously fake.

Such was the case Wednesday night, when Ricky Gervais sat down with Jimmy Fallon on Late Night. After a spirited discussion, talk turned to the pair's first "big break": a Canadian soap opera called Jacob's Patience. That's when things got a little awkward, and a lot silly.

Fallon admitted to Gervais that he was difficult to work with, and while that may seem harsh -- especially on national television -- it's easy to understand why: it's all in the arms.

Sure, Gervais has created a number of hit, award-winning shows, from The Office to Extras and An Idiot Abroad, but maybe Jacob's Patience wasn't his best idea.