Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers Swap Stories of Making Late Night Shows at Home

Jimmy Fallon, during an interview with host Seth Meyers
Lloyd Bishop/NBC

Appearing as a guest on Late Night With Seth Meyers on Tuesday, Jimmy Fallon shared how his show is doing back at the studio and recounted a story of being mugged in New York City because of a free Hugo Boss jacket he happened to be wearing at the time.

The two opened the segment by talking about how the novel coronavirus pandemic shook things up for the studio operations of their respective late night shows, with Fallon recalling that, back in March, he wasn't hugging the guests anymore or shaking hands. "And then we were elbowing and then we were bowing," he remembered.

Fallon added that his wife held the camera while The Tonight Show was being filmed from his house, but she wouldn't laugh at his jokes very often. "I mean, would it hurt to just go like, 'Oh, that's a good one?' Disguise your laugh if you want to," he said with a smile.

Back in the studio now, Fallon says, "for five months I didn't know what was funny at all."

Meyers shared that his sons thought working from home made more sense anyway. " 'It shouldn't take as long. You still made an hour of television and you were done by 3 p.m. The way you do it in New York is stupid.'"

Gary — Fallon's dog — also made an appearance in episodes of the show that were filmed at home, and Fallon joked that he has to wear disguises when he goes out to avoid being recognized. "When I walk the dog, people go, 'Yo Gary! What's happenin?'" said Fallon with a laugh.

He went on to say that he's received an abundance of free clothes over the years because of his job, and one of those items was a Hugo Boss jacket. "It was silver, like metal silver, like aluminum foil," he recalled. "I went to a bar on 9th Avenue or something, wearing this aluminum foil jacket at like 3 in the morning or something, and I got mugged." He said that a group of guys demanded the jacket, to which Fallon started to remove it and hand the jacket over — but then the guys changed their tune and decided everything was "cool." Fallon left the bar and decided never to wear the jacket again.

Later in the interview, Fallon discussed his fourth book, 5 More Sleeps Til Christmas, noting that it has more words than any of his previous books. "The other books have kind of been like text messages, turned into books," he said. Fallon has always wanted to write a Christmas book, he explained, and this idea came to him when his daughter Winnie asked one day, "How many more sleeps til we go to grandma's house?"

View the whole interview below.