Jimmy Fallon Sits Down With Brian Williams Ahead of 'Tonight Show' Debut (Video)

The new host will appear on Monday's NBC Nightly News for his only one-on-one TV interview before taking over the iconic late-night show.
Brian Williams and Jimmy Fallon

Before making his debut as the latest host of the Tonight Show Monday, Jimmy Fallon will talk to Brian Williams on Monday night's NBC Nightly News for his only one-on-one TV interview.

Fallon is set to preview the show's new Roots-composed theme song and his previously unseen studio and will talk to Williams about bringing the show back to New York.

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Fallon also talks to Williams about the history of "rap" videos, in which clips of Williams are spliced together so it sounds like he's performing a famous gangster rap song, that he debuted on Late Night. And Fallon reveals that he has a new video of the NBC anchor "rapping" that he's saving for the first week of The Tonight Show.

Watch a clip of that online-only part of the interview below.