Jimmy Fallon Unveils Top 10 Reasons David Letterman is Retiring (Video)

The "Tonight Show" host takes a page out of Letterman's playbook.
Jimmy Fallon

Has Jimmy Fallon forgotten which late night show he hosts?

Following the news of David Letterman's impending retirement, Fallon used a Letterman staple to mark the occasion -- the top 10 list -- on Friday's The Tonight Show.

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Below are Fallon's top 10 reasons why Letterman is retiring:

10. Wants to quit while he's still able to compete on Dancing With the Stars.

9. Made millions selling crack to Rob Ford.

8. Time slot was getting too "Jimmyesque."

7. He's not retiring -- he's "consciously unhosting."

6. Stop! Hammock time!

5. Hillary/Letterman 2016!

4. After 31 years, finally got through to the Obamacare website!

3. One word: E-Looprah

2. Jay Leno needs a partner for next season's Amazing Race.

1. Jimmy Fallon is stealing his bits.

Before the segment, Fallon paid tribute to Letterman, calling him "one in a million."

We'll post video as soon as it's made available online.

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