Jimmy Fallon's 'Famous Face-Off': Jada Pinkett Smith Struggles to Guess Bono (But Easily Gets Will Smith)

Jimmy Fallon - Famous Face-Off - H Screengrab 2016

Jimmy Fallon engaged a trio of stars in a new round of "Famous Face-Off" on Wednesday's The Tonight Show.

Fallon was paired up with Jada Pinkett Smith, while Andy Cohen played with Tariq Trotter, from Tonight Show house band The Roots.

The rules: Each player takes turns holding up a celebrity mask and, based on clues from his or her teammate, has to guess who that person is before time runs out.

While some proved a little harder than others (Smith struggled to guess Vladimir Putin and Bono), others were downright gimmes (the actress easily named Will Smith when given the clue of "your husband").

Watch the segment below.