Jimmy Kimmel Announces He's Running for Vice President on 'Kimmel'

JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE -for vice pres-H 2016
Randy Holmes/ABC

Jimmy Kimmel has a big announcement.

During his Thursday night episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the late-night host jokingly revealed to audiences: "Tonight, I am humbled to announce that I am officially running for vice president of the United States."

His reasoning for throwing his hat into the ring? "This country is at a crossroads," Kimmel said at his vice presidential podium on Hollywood Boulevard. "The promise of America has been broken. The future of our democracy is slipping through our fat, buttery hands."

The ABC host was joined by his security guard Guillermo Rodriguez and New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski for the humorous announcement in front of his tour bus, which sports the slogan "A good, solid #2."

In a scripted edition of CNN Live, he discussed the comedic campaign with CNN anchors Wolf Blitzer, Jake Tapper and Dana Bash.

Taking a shot at GOP candidate Donald Trump, Blitzer questioned Kimmel, "Jimmy, will you build a wall?" He quipped back, "Yes, I will build a wall, but I'll tell you this: I will build it on the northern border to keep the Mexicans out of Canada."

"I'm running for vice president because I love this country. I was born here, you know that," Kimmel explained to Blitzer. "I love this country so much, if it was a woman, I would have sex with it."

But for fans hoping to see Kimmel on the campaign trail, don't get too excited. "I get car sick and buses smell really kind of bad. I will operate from here at my headquarters in Los Angeles," the host offer by way of explanation as to why he won't be visiting the 50 states in an effort to score votes.

The stunt came after ABC's Scandal wrapped its fifth season with a finale that focused on the search for its two presidential candidates narrowing the field for their VP picks. Star Kerry Washington and creator Shonda Rimes were among his guests.

On Monday, perhaps Kimmel will bring his platform to the morning audience when he fills in as the first guest co-host to Kelly Ripa after Michael Strahan signs off from Live With Kelly and Michael during Friday's show.