Jimmy Kimmel Ask Kids About Trump's First Year in Office

Jimmy Kimmel ABC -monologue 3- Publicity-H 2017
Courtesy of ABC

With Saturday marking the first anniversary of Donald Trump's inauguration, Jimmy Kimmel took a moment during his Thursday night show to assess the public’s approval ratings of the president.

After revealing that a recent poll put Trump’s approval rating at 37 percent, the late-night host clarified that that was just among adults. “I want to see what kids thought of his first year in office,” Kimmel said as he introduced a pre-taped segment, in which his team interviewed various kids at the Grove in Los Angeles.

When a young boy stated that he thinks Trump is doing “great” in his first year, he was further pressed on what exactly he thinks was something great Trump has accomplished. “To save the world from harmony,” the little boy said. When another child is asked what he thinks of first at the mention of Trump's name, the young boy replied, “Small fingers and orange face.”

Meanwhile, another child revealed that he thinks Trump needs to “stop threatening North Korea,” because he “doesn’t want to get nuked.” A little girl also explained that she doesn’t think highly of the president, for he “treats people badly.” “That’s why I don’t think he’s smart,” the little girl said.

Kimmel also showed a roundup of the various nicknames the children gave to the president such as, “Poop face,” “Mr. Tiny Hands” and “Cheeto.” The kids then gave their own humorous impressions of Trump.