Jimmy Kimmel's Aunt Recruits Chippendales Dancers for Birthday Prank

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Randy Holmes/ABC

Jimmy Kimmel had an abrupt beginning to his birthday Tuesday. The Jimmy Kimmel Live! host shared that he always wakes up to an early morning phone call from his aunt on his birthday.

"Every year my Aunt Chippy calls me at the crack of dawn," he said. "It's now to the point where I mute the telephone the night before."

The host shared that his aunt recruited help from his wife and brother to fly from Las Vegas to Los Angeles to wish her nephew a happy birthday in person. After the audience applauded, Kimmel said, "No, no, no. This is not something I want to be encouraged."

The prerecorded clip began by showing Aunt Chippy sleeping. Wearing hair curlers and a red onesie that has Kimmel's face all over it, Chippy heads to her nephew's house, bringing along men carrying a giant box, a man adorned in flashing lights and another dressed as a candle.

"I'm gonna wake Jimmy up and wish him a happy birthday," she said after grabbing a pot. She explained that she brought the Chippendales dancers, who she referred to as the "Chippy-dales," to help her wake up Kimmel.

"He's gonna hate this one," said Kimmel's wife, Molly McNearney, as the group made their way into the house.

Aunt Chippy was hidden in the giant gift box and rolled into Kimmel's bedroom. After the group entered the bedroom, a Chippendales dancer opened the box and the aunt shouted, "Surprise!"

The group loudly sang, "Rise and shine and give God the glory, glory" as Chippy banged a spoon against a pot. A groggy Kimmel looked around the room as the group continued to sing.

"Surprise! Aunt Chippy and her Aunt Chippendales" announced Chippy at the end of the performance. The male dancers then took off their robes before the group began to sing "Happy Birthday" to Kimmel. During the song, the dancers came closer to Kimmel's bed and eventually sat on it. The man dressed in lights also shot a confetti cannon.

Chippy then laid down on the bed to embrace Kimmel in a hug.

Kimmel finally broke his silence to ask if McNearney knew about the surprise. Chippy said that she "doesn't have any clue."

Aunt Chippy is not the first person to wake Kimmel up from his sleep. She follows in the footsteps of stars like Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus, who successfully pulled off similar pranks in the past.

Watch the full clip below.