Jimmy Kimmel's 'Christmas Present' Draws Criticism - and 4 Million Hits (Video)

27 BIZ Jimmy Kimmel Live
Harper Smith/ABC

Writes THR's Tim Goodman: "He's changed the late-night game by stressing videotaped bits, and in almost the same way musical acts want to be on with Fallon, "Jimmy Kimmel Live!'s" skits draw A-list actors who know their hip factor goes up when they get in on the joke.

Jimmy Kimmel was all over the web this week.

The late night host packaged a highlight reel for his ABC show after soliciting viewers to tape their children's reactions to unwanted Christmas gifts -- like half-eaten sandwiches and cans of beans.

Within four days of hitting YouTube, the clip boasts over 4 million views, but a few people seem to be upset by the distraught children.

Some kids burst into tears, others throw their presents across the room and one particularly sour recipient tells his parents he hates them.

But is it, as some put it, abuse? The overwhelming number reactions to the clip are positive, but there are several warnings of possible "psychological harm" inflicted by playing jokes on children.

Watch the clip below, and weigh in.