Jimmy Kimmel Denies Involvement in Dennis Quaid Rant Video: "It's Disappointing"

Jimmy Kimmel Feb 23 H 2015

Jimmy Kimmel Feb 23 H 2015

Jimmy Kimmel says he didn't have anything to do with Dennis Quaid referring to someone as "Dopey the dick" — although Kimmel does appreciate the inventive nickname. 

Ever since video footage recently went viral of the Far From Heaven actor appearing to lose his cool on-set, speculation has run rampant that it might be some type of stunt. Fingers have even being pointed at the Jimmy Kimmel Live host, who has a penchant for pulling the wool over people's eyes.

On Tuesday's show, Kimmel addressed the video, saying he was surprised that he "was being blamed for it."

"I have to say, it's disappointing — you play 50 pranks, and all of a sudden, people don't trust you anymore," he quipped, referring to his previous bits, including a twerking viral video that he admitted to having been behind. 

Kimmel made it clear that his favorite part of the clip was Quaid's "Dopey the dick" remark: "I might have T-shirts printed up."

To see Kimmel turn the audio from Quaid's rant into the voice of an iconic cartoon character, watch the segment below. 

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