Jimmy Kimmel's Emmys Monologue Takes on Romney, Honey Boo Boo and Cable

Jimmy Kimmel Emmy Host Key Art Black - H 2012

Jimmy Kimmel Emmy Host Key Art Black - H 2012

After a brief pep talk and a few shots to the face by a number of nominated actresses (including a nude, cake-eating Lena Dunham), Jimmy Kimmel made his way to the stage to open the 2012 Primetime Emmy Awards.

Starting with a bit of a history lesson -- and a knock on television inventor Philo T. Farnsworth and Honey Boo Boo -- he took his first shot at the GOP nominee for president, who joked Downtown Abbey gave viewers a sense of what it was like to grow up in Mitt Romney's home.

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He asked the audience if they anyone there was voting for Romney -- and was met largely with silence.

After a crack about Glee and Chick-Fil A, Kimmel gave a shoutout to 26-year old Girls impresario Lena Dunham, who he said should make the everyone in the audience feel bad about themselves. It wasn't all nice for HBO, though, as he also joked about its canceled horse racing drama Luck -- don't eat the sliders at HBO's party, he advised.

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Kimmel, who often takes digs at Hollywood, joked about the nominees: "Tonight, you will be asked to play your most challenging role yet: that of an actor who is happy about the success of another actor," he cracked.