Jimmy Kimmel Enlists Whitney Cummings, Henry Winkler for "Positivity Roast"

Jimmy Kimmel, Whitney Cummings and Henry Winkler_Split - Getty - H 2019
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After Alec Baldwin sat in the hot seat for a new Comedy Central Roast, Jimmy Kimmel enlisted some comedic friends to poke fun at the theme of the special. Recognizing that the roasts can usually be brutal, Kimmel elected to broadcast a revamped show he dubbed "Positivity Roast" to "appeal to those who aren't comfortable with traditional roast-y humor." 

With help from stars Whitney Cummings, Henry Winkler, Natasha Leggero and Jeffrey Ross, the comedians took turns offering compliments to previous stars roasted on the show. Using clips from past roasts of Kevin Hart, Jonah Hill and Snoop Dogg, the commentary proved to be rather "positive." 

"Jonah Hill is here tonight. Jonah, you're like a jellyfish. Gentle, easy-going and super fun to watch," Cummings says of Hill, who, in a clip from the broadcast, is shown laughing. 

Meanwhile, Kimmel offered some compliments to Hart. "My friend Kevin Hart is here. Kevin, listen I don't want to say Kevin is short because I believe that God made us all the perfect size. Everyone is equal." 

The deemed "host" of the revamped show, Winkler, poked some goodhearted fun at Snoop Dogg. "Snoop Dogg is here so I'm going to need someone to walk me to my car because I've got a present for you, Snoop, right out there in my trunk," he said.

Resident Comedy Central roast veteran Ross praised Winkler. "How about a hand for tonight's host. Henry, if you're here tonight then who's out there volunteering at children's hospitals?"

"Jeff Ross is so Jewish that I want to wish him a happy and healthy Rosh Hashanah," Leggero added. 

During the preview for the mock special, the commentator shares that guest appearances will be made by Oprah Winfrey, Pope Francis, Michael J. Fox and Malala Yousafzai. 

Watch the mock special below.