Jimmy Kimmel Fools L.A. Pedestrians Into Thinking Rams Won Super Bowl

Jimmy Kimmel Live!_Jimmy Kimmel_3 - Publicity - H 2019
Randy Holmes/ABC

Jimmy Kimmel kicked off Monday's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! by addressing the "adequate" Super Bowl.

"The game was so slow, the Patriots dumped Gatorade on Bill Belichick just to wake him up," said the host about the low-scoring match.

He noted that the New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady became the first player to win six Super Bowls, though the Los Angeles Rams also made history during the game. "The team did set two Super Bowl records, including most consecutive punts to start a game with eight," he said. "For those who admire the artistry of punting, it was quite an evening."

Kimmel then compared Maroon 5's halftime performance to "a Sweet 16 party for the daughter of a Saudi Arabian prince."

"There was a wardrobe malfunction at the halftime show. The malfunction was someone in the wardrobe department let Adam Levine go on stage dressed like this," he said as a photo of Levine appeared onscreen. "It was like Gold Chains and a Dunkin' Donuts tracksuit."

He also shared that he watched the game with passionate Patriots fans, though they remained relatively calm when their team won. "Have Boston fans officially won too many games now?" he asked.

"The Rams have only been in L.A. for three years since coming back from St. Louis. It's kind of like when dad moves back to the house after a divorce. There's a period of unease. You don't know if he's gonna stay," Kimmel said.

The show then cut to the latest edition of "Lie Witness News." As Kimmel introduced the clip, he said, "Just to give you a sense of the Rams fever that was really heating this city up, we went out on the street today and we asked people today to congratulate the Rams on their Super Bowl victory yesterday."

The interviewer first asked a pedestrian where she was when she found out that the Rams won the Super Bowl. She said that she was on Hollywood Boulevard when she overheard people discussing the victory.

"They were saying, like, it's kind of cool that the Rams won. That was their team. Some people were like, 'They suck,'" she said.

Another pedestrian described the energy in L.A. as "loud," "passionate" and "intense" following the victory. "There were just a lot of feelings and kind of rage involved," she said.

The interviewer then spoke to a man that said he was rooting for the Rams. "I was sitting at the bar, having a few beers, watching the game and when the final clock ran out, I was just like, 'Hey. I wanted to text my dad and tell him he owes me 10 bucks,'" he said.

When the interviewer asked if he could see the text exchange between the father and son, the pedestrian said that his phone was about to die. The interviewer encouraged him to still look for the texts and the pedestrian scrolled through his phone and explained that it has been acting "wonky."

The segment then turned to the topic of commercials when a new pedestrian was asked to discuss a controversial (fake) Duracell ad that starred O.J. Simpson.

She said that while she didn't have an opinion, the ad sparked emotions that "made the product stay in your mind. We will remember it somehow, so I think that's the point of a commercial."

The interviewer added that the fake commercial featured Simpson killing the Energizer Bunny, and the pedestrian continued to pretend that she saw the ad.

A pedestrian who was interviewed earlier was also prompted to sing the Rams' fight song. "We are the Rams and we're going to the Super Bowl," sang the girl and interviewer as they made up the lyrics.

The segment concluded with the pedestrians congratulating the Rams on their victory.

"Congratulations. Wait," said a man. "The Rams didn't win the Super Bowl."

Watch the full clip below.